CPL Renewal class $85.00

Renewing your Michigan CPL requires you to certify that you have spent 3 hours reviewing your original CPL class information and have spent one hour on the range within the past 6 months. We offer this class for those who want a true refresher course to brush up on the basics and learn some new things not included in the original class. The range time will review basic marksmanship skills and, time permitting, also work on some drawing from concealment and shooting. Something you can't easily practice at most ranges. Class requires 4 students minimum.

Class highlights

•Tool of last resort

•Shooting to stop the threat

•The aftermath and contacting the police

•Firearms laws of particular interest

•Grip, stance, basic shooting positions

•Drawing from concealment and shooting accurately

•Shooting from cover or concealment

•Tueller drill. Just how close is too close?

Class length is 4 hours. Three in the classrom and one on the range. We'll shoot about 50-100 rounds. Class sizes are limited.

For safety reasons participants are asked to use only strong side vertical or FBI cant holsters. Ladies who have chosen purse carry will be welcomed to bring that mode to class but strict muzzle control must be observed at all times. Course is run cold. Loaded firearms are only allowed when told to do so.

Participants please note: It is expected that you follow all firearm safety rules. We will be on the range in groups with loaded firearms. For everyones safety, anyone displaying unsafe gun handling, poor muzzle control, finger control or attitudes will be removed from the class.

As CPL holders you will be held to a higher standard.

Class date




By request

Call to schedule

Classes are held at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Association. See here for map.

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